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FLA OHT Partners

With FLA OHT partners, we are building on existing strengths and working together on the FLA OHT long-term vision, focused on the critical health needs of the FLA region and opportunities for stronger, more connected care.

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FLA OHT partners come from several Networks:

  • Primary Care

  • Home and Community Care

  • Mental Health and Addictions

  • Specialists

  • Hospitals

  • Long-Term Care

  • Wellness and Equity

  • Education and Research

FLA OHT partners with other affiliations:​

  • Francophone

  • Indigenous

  • Municipalities

Message to Partners

FLA OHT partners can play an important role in building awareness and promoting the work we are doing together through many ways.

For a consistent and recognizable approach to communicating through all our networks, please check out the mini FLA OHT Partner Communication Toolkit - includes the Proud member of FLA OHT logo and more tips.

Thank You Partners!


Primary Care


Collaborative Decision-Making Arrangement

Guidance for Ontario Health Teams

Click on image to read the provincial guidance on CDMAs.

Our partners agree to the FLA OHT Collaborative Decision-Making Framework Agreement (CDMA).

With a goal of further addressing equity and integrating care and services for our common population, our work together is:

  • Collaborative

  • Voluntary

  • Project-based


This agreement is NOT about formal legal governance structure changes, reporting, funding or accountabilities.

Would you like to become a partner of the FLA Ontario Health Team?

Does your partner group need support for a potential project?

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