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You are helping us shape your future health-care system!

The Frontenac, Lennox and Addington Ontario Health Team (FLA OHT) is made up of over 300 health-care providers and organizations working together to create a better health-care system to improve health outcomes and provide better health-care experiences. To develop a health-care system that is truly reflective of the needs and wants of residents, the FLA OHT has been seeking public input as part of our strategic planning process.


Strategic planning is about setting priorities and actions for the next several years.  We thank everyone who has provided input!

Your input will help us understand how we can build a better health-care system                                       that addresses the mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and social health and                                   wellness needs in the communities we serve.


Many citizens, partners and providers have taken part in this important                                        process by sharing their perspectives and experiences  through various opportunities. 



1. Completed the community experience survey

The survey asked about health-care experiences and needs, to help us understand the strengths and challenges of the health-care system.

2. Participated in an online discussion group


We invited all members in the many villages, towns and rural areas of Frontenac,

Lennox & Addington counties to participate in online discussion groups. Participants

had an opportunity to discuss what matters most to their health care. 

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3. Share your health-care story - this opportunity is ONGOING 
Tell us about your health-care story. Click on the link to the Share Your Story page and describe your current successes and challenges in the health-care system and what you would like your future experience to look like. 

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