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People-Centred Health Homes


The foundation of Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) is based in the principles of the Canadian College of Family Physician’s Patient’s Medical Home and Patient’s Medical Neighbourhood.  Learn more.

Recognizing that the vast majority of ”care” occurs in the home, by the person and their family/caregivers – the focus is on healthy behavior and wellness.  Supporting people to stay well in their homes is part of the overall vision of the Frontenac, Lennox & Addington Ontario Health Team (FLA OHT).

The People-Centred Health Home and the seven principles

The Frontenac, Lennox & Addington Ontario Health Team is offering a People-Centred Health Home for our entire community across our region.


These Health Homes are founded on these seven principles of care:

  1. Equitable

  2. Accessible

  3. Connected

  4. Collaborative

  5. Continuous

  6. Holistic

  7. Accountable.


Learn more about our Partners.

Understanding People-Centered Health Homes

Take a tour below of the FLA OHT Leadership and Community Council presentation made at a meeting in October 2021, during which the concept of People-Centered Health Homes was endorsed. Click on the arrows to advance the presentation.

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