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January 2022

Executive Lead Update from Dr. Kim Morrison

Bonne Année ! Ohserá:se! Happy New Year! Welcome 2022!

While most people’s lives are affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in any number of ways, there is also so much we have to be thankful for.  In Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox & Addington (KFLA) we led the wave with Omicron, and while not over yet, there are early signs of better times ahead.

Dr. Kim Morrison

The Frontenac, Lennox & Addington Ontario Health Team (FLA OHT) partner collaborations saw municipalities, educational institutions, community agencies, primary care and individual health care providers of all kinds working together with KFL&A Public Heath to deliver vaccines as efficiently as possible.  We demonstrated that by working together we can do the things that are important to meet the health and wellness needs of the people in our community. As a result of these efforts, following the holidays KFLA was leading the province in the percentage of eligible people receiving a third dose of vaccine AND in first doses of vaccine to children age 5-11. What a great team effort and thanks needs to go to the many people involved who made this possible. 


Partner collaboration is also exemplified in our priority working group’s projects. Despite pressures of competing priorities with the pandemic, the work of building a strong People-Centred Health Home foundation with meaningful change in the way care is delivered and received continues. At this point in our journey each group is launching its “test of change” for their population. Measures of success are being defined and tested to ensure the work being done makes a difference in the lives of those who receive and provide care in our community. 


Heading into the New Year our back bone support team is looking forward to kicking off engagement planning sessions with each of our networks, ensuring that each partner has an opportunity to help shape the future of our OHT. These conversations will enable us to map out how the work currently underway will help us move forward on implementing our People-Centred Health Home model. Originally planned to start this month, we have deferred these network meetings to February  and March in acknowledgement of the strain that Omicron has put on our partners. These conversations, along with the work of measuring and defining our success, will allow us to build a strategic plan for the FLA OHT that will guide our future and help define our focus for the work of year two.


We are always excited to welcome new partners to our team.  Growing our FLA OHT to be inclusive is essential to meet our vision of efficient, integrated and equitable health care. Since our last update, the County of Frontenac and the County of Lennox and Addington have joined our FLA OHT tables and work groups, broadening the lens of the role of municipalities in the delivery of health and wellness services. As providers of paramedic services, long-term care and social services, the Counties will, in collaboration with the City of Kingston, bring their voices to the transformation we are all working towards. 


On a final note I just want to say ‘Thank You’ to each partner organization and each individual for committing their time and energy, even during these challenging times, and for collaborating together to transform our system of health and wellness.  Together we are making a difference. 

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