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December 10, 2021

Message from Executive Lead, Dr. Kim Morrison

Happy Holidays!  It’s been a year like no other and while the challenges with COVID-19 are ongoing, from our FLA OHT family to yours we wish everyone a joyful holiday season.

This fall we have built upon the vision, concept and specific principles of what the People-Centered Health Home in our community will look like. This past month we held a Partnership Town Hall where each of the priority working groups were able to show, through a storytelling approach, how the work that they are doing will change the patient and provider care journey with the establishment of People-Centred Health Homes.

Dr. Kim Morrison

One of the most meaningful moments in the meeting was when one of the community members shared her personal care experience with the group, truly exemplifying the people-centred, collaborative model to which we aspire and articulating how the complex health service web in which we currently work needs better integration, coordination, access and equity in order to be successful.


Our next step in building our FLA OHT is to move from story to reality.  Over the next two months, each of our partners, through their networks, will have an opportunity to consider how they can be a part of the work ahead. It is so exciting to now explore the “how” of achieving the objectives of the quadruple aim together; to improve patient and provider experience, advance the health of our population and ensure that value and accountability for our limited resources. These are our practical goals and we are looking for each network’s input on how we can achieve them, together.


The networks of the OHT are groupings of partners based on the services each partner provides. The networks in which each of our partners fit include primary care, home care and community supports, hospital care, specialty care, long-term care, addictions and mental health care, community health and wellness, as well as support services such supply chain, diagnostics and pharmacies. Some organizations will find themselves in more than one network. Cross over between our networks is expected, especially as we move to bust the silos that have kept our providers apart for so long and build programs collaboratively. It will be through these network conversations that people will learn about others providing care to similar populations and will have opportunity to find ways to work better together, guided by the priorities of our People-Centred Health Home model.


If you aren’t sure which network(s) you or your organization are best included in, please reach out to Anastassyia.  Our backbone team will be meeting with each network over the next two months to create the strategic initiatives that will bring the FLA OHT vision to reality for the people of our community. Next, we will then reach out to the general public to build their awareness of the People-Centred Health Home and hear from them about their needs, wants and expectations of this new model of care.


We know that there is a lot of work ahead but are confident that by working together we will be able to create a more people-centred model of care that will create positive and meaningful change in our community and for everyone who lives, works and learns here. Thank you for all of your hard work to get us to this exciting point in our journey as an FLA OHT. Happiness and Health to you and yours in the year ahead!


Anastassiya Khrokova

Executive Assistant with the FLA-OHT/ ÉSO-FLA Assistant Exécutif

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