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August 2022

Message from Executive Lead, Dr. Kim Morrison
A special guest visitor, Honourable Minister Sylvia Jones, Minister of Health and Deputy Premier

The Frontenac, Lennox and Addington Ontario Health Team (FLA OHT) had the exciting opportunity to meet with the Health Minister, Honourable Sylvia Jones and special advisor on Health Transformation, Chris Sulway. Minister Jones began the meeting by saying she was a big supporter of the Ontario Health Teams and was interested in learning what has enabled us to get to the place we are today where we are actively working together to address the challenges in our health care system.

We shared some of the keys to the FLA OHT successes, including the vast array of partnerships that fuel our ability to accomplish great things through collaboration. By working together as community members, primary care, hospitals, community agencies, municipalities and health and wellness providers from across sectors, we are creating unique opportunities to deliver services to meet people’s needs that did not previously exist.

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The Frontenac, Lennox and Addington team of community members, health and wellness providers meeting with Minister Sylvia Jones.

We shone the spotlight on the FLA OHT Community Council, which includes members of the Francophone and Indigenous communities and keeps the experience of the people we serve at the forefront of every discussion.  This allows us to understand the community and its diverse needs and ensures we leave no one behind.


We talked about the People-Centred Health Home model as the foundation of a high-performing health and wellness system, the importance of building capacity for team-based primary care and the need for core embedded services, such as mental health and home and community care, in every Health Home.


We also highlighted the need for system integration – from shared accountability across sectors for outcomes that matter to people, to integrated care teams in primary care, and driving towards an integrated health record.  Through support for system integration, the FLA OHT will be a high-performing, quadruple aim-informed delivery mechanism for health and wellness care to the community we serve.


Minister Jones recognized that with any great idea or change it takes one or two or many organizations that say "we can’t keep doing it the same way.” In this regard, I believe the FLA OHT is on the right track. But we need everyone at the table to share their voice. 


I would like to give particular thanks to the backbone team whose efforts made the meeting happen without a hitch, to Grandmother Laurel Claus Johnson who made the time to attend and help us open and close the meeting in a truly inclusive way, and to all the partners who contribute to the work of the FLA OHT every day.


Together WE WILL make a difference.  As we head into our second year of OHT development I have no doubt that exciting things and meaningful change are ahead. 

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