Our Priority Projects

To help us get started on the work of building our Ontario Health Team, we are focusing on four priority projects that will help us start to make a difference in building more connected health care for our Frontenac, Lennox and Addington (FLA) community. Working groups for each project are made up of representatives from across our region who bring their professional expertise and lived experiences to help inform our work going forward.

Addictions and Mental Health Integration Project

Two people talking

Hub and spoke model based in primary care

Improved access


Collaboration of current agencies

We recognize that accessing addictions and mental health services in our community can often be a frustrating and overwhelming experience, for both providers and patients. Though there is a high desire to offer the best care possible our current system is siloed and not efficient.

To help create more connected care for patients and providers, the Addictions and Mental Health Integrations working group is focusing on a project known as Shared Care Discussions. This project brings together primary care providers and mental health and addictions specialists who together review the details of someone’s situations and collaboratively work on an approach to identify what the most appropriate support is to help the patient with their care journey.

This approach helps avoid sending multiple referral forms and can streamline the process of connecting a person with the most appropriate resource. It will also build trust and familiarity among the entire care team as well as awareness on the community supports and resources that are available.